Are you afraid of the Devil?

Why are we so afraid of the Devil? Why are we so afraid of the dark?

We are inculcated from a very young age to fear the dark, the devil, and to simply shut this out of our awareness, pray, run, hide from the devil.

I remember a song from bible school that I used to love. It had the best harmonies when you sang it in a round.

Lock the door, keep out the devil

Lock the door, keep the devil outside.

Lock the door, keep out the devil,

Light a candle everything is alright

Light a candle everything is alright.

Imagine a room full of angelic children’s voices with rosy apple cheeks and cherub glows in sweet harmony singing these lyrics.

It is no wonder we have so much compartmentalization and difficulty assimilating our experiences here on Earth. We are taught to lock the door on the devil, to keep it outside. We have created a culture of exclusion, of ignoring that which we don’t want to see or hear or experience within ourselves, within others. Even if it’s right in front of us we will selectively see or hear what we want to see or hear.

What exactly is the devil? What are we being asked to lock up, to ignore, to hide from?

What if the devil or the many shades of darkness, if demons are simply part of the Earthly experience?

What is the divine feminine response to these nuances and blatant expressions of the darkness made manifest through subtle abuses and real terror in the human drama?

Is there some force that discerns between dark and light that crushes the dark and only promotes the light here on Earth? Or is All allowed to express? Is it possible this is by divine design? Is it possible this is what the Earth chose to offer, and what you chose to experience?

What if “the devil” is just an aspect of Earth, that you chose to dance with? What if the fear you experience is simply a reinforced and manufactured response to reality here in the physical plane?

What if locking out the devil and lighting a candle is actually creating a build up on the outside of that door of darkness, of uncomfortable feelings and realities and aspects of yourself and others that eventually is going to crash into your experience, break down that door that you are spending so much energy to prop up? And when it does, will you feel victimized?

Horror is one of the most popular genres. Why? Because it is “pretend”? Because the rush of the chemicals stimulated as you are taken into the fictional drama? As adults are we like little kids walking around with fingers in our ears singing “la la la la la” to keep out anything we don’t want to hear or see? What is the impact of this inability or unwillingness to see the truth that has been trained out of us from a very young age?

Do we walk blindly right into the darkness that we were meant to see in the beginning, so that we may be shaken out of our waking dream or fantasy? So that the reality we refuse to embrace will come crashing into our experience in the form of crisis and drama?

We fall in love and are duped by someone we think we can trust. We engage in business deals only to be “screwed over” by someone we believed in. We experience or witness human rights violations, animal cruelty, war and an overwhelming volume of dark dramas playing out in our reality, in our own lives, in the lives of our friends, or on the news, the internet, the world stage, perhaps removed for many of us, but real to others who are experiencing the horror. 

We have legal drama shows and in real life, prisons, court rooms, legal battles playing out between people who met through circumstance or who at one time chose the pairing. Wars that keep popping up like weeds or perennials where we never ever seem to find and remove the root.

Where is Justice? What is Justice? How is our legal system a sword of Truth upholding Divine Law and to what degree is it simply enacting aspects of the egoic drama of dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong?

What if by simply seeing it for what it is initially, and embracing it, that you could experience Peace and create the wholeness you came to create within yourself and within this dimension?

Now I am not talking about embracing “devil worship” or “dark arts” or any other distortions of the Divine that skew in the direction of choosing dark over light. I am talking about integration and embracing the light and the dark. I am talking about  choosing not to separate or compartmentalize these aspects of the Divine, but to be brave and open our eyes and see what is really there, what is in your own life and in this dimension so that you and so that we as human beings can finally come to terms with the Truth and Reality of this dimension where we came to create and to build consciousness and to love.

What if our ability to be present, stable, to weather the storms we experience here trumped our fear? What if we were able to have our ears and eyes open and stand in our center, witnessing, taking guided action as necessary, experience the rapture of the light and the depth of the dark without fear?

What if somehow each of us could steadily, with love encompass the range of human experience?

What if those in the profession of law could uphold Divine Law by deeply resonating in their core the pure tone of Justice? And then take guided action to enforce law in the human dimension?

What if we could begin to question the role of the “devil” in this dimension with an open mind. Maybe this energy that we have been taught to fear and run from is actually here to help us find unshakable Strength, Justice and Divine Love?

What if the Devil and the full host of demons are actually part of the Celestial team? What if they are here to wake us up so that we might embody all aspects of our Light, and flush out any areas of unconscious, lack of integrity, injustice, or other areas where we are not yet filled in, that we came to Earth to face our trials and learn, to become whole.

How would you walk the Earth if you knew without a doubt that the Devil ~ instead of fighting with ~ was walking alongside your Angels, serving your Purpose and your goal of embodiment?

Copyright Alaya 2016