Making Soul Choices by Oshira Transcript


Making Soul Choices

By Oshira through Alaya

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We are delighted to bring you clarity and support for your choices. You are living on Earth at a time where there are multiple streams, many possibilities, information at your fingertips, swirling about you in every moment.

How do you navigate?

How do you choose which potentials inside of yourself to develop?

By what compass do you navigate your life?

It can be overwhelming especially for those of you who are sensitive, who have integrity, who have a desire to make choices that are not only beneficial to you, but also beneficial for those that you love, for those that you are here to support and serve in some way.

When you are at a crossroads, how do you choose?

Many of you employ your minds, gathering data and information. Perhaps making graphs, or looking at the facts in such a way that one side of your choice tips and becomes clear. You choose from your mind.

Some of you tune into your feelings. Perhaps a warm feeling in your chest or your heart. Or perhaps you steer away from a feeling in your gut when something doesn’t quite feel right.

You can make choices from the center of your body, the center of your heart or your mind. And all of these are valid ways to choose.

As you grow, you are walking into some of the dreams and visions, some of the gardens that you planted years ago, that begin to manifest and bear fruit, that you walk forward into these gardens you have already created, at a time when you had less consciousness perhaps, or created at a time when the energy about you on Earth was very different.

And so you might look around yourself and say,

Well, there is this fruit in front of me that I thought I wanted. But when I taste it, it does not feel right.

My body does not want to digest it, my heart does not sing, I am not filled with joy. But I have already created it, so I shall proceed with it.


Because of the way that time and energy are acting in your dimension, now it is important to listen, to be present with what is true for you in every moment, so that as you are making these choices, you are making them from your current point of power. This is going to be challenging for some of you, for your minds are so active with things that you thought you wanted from when you were a child.


Things that you have invested in for quite a long time can be very hard to let go of. And so it does require courage. It does require courage to navigate your choices from your center, and from your truth. And so we offer you tones and notes of grace. And tones and notes of joy. And the essence of alignment to assist you as you look, as you listen, and as you discern, the highest choice, the most joyful choice in this moment for you.


Some choices are going to be very clear. It will be a choice that you make in a moment and you will move on quickly. Other choices will be more like steering a ship – there is a choice in this moment and that you’ll need to look again tomorrow. You’ll need to track the feedback in your system after having made the subtle choice or shift toward a yes, feeling into,

 Is it right? Yes, I’m going to take the next step here.

So regardless of why you find yourself in the position of needing to choose, you may need to clear the space so that you can see the situation with fresh eyes, with the eyes of now—regardless of why, take a moment now, breathing in to your diaphragm, your hips, allowing your body to sink, to feel supported and heavy, resting stably, held on the surface upon which you sit or lie, tune in to the steady tone of gravity, the steadiness that you will always be held on the Earth in this body, for as long as you have this body.


Just breathing now, relaxing. And when you are ready, bringing your awareness to your heart, perhaps to the sense of a star or a sun glimmering in your heart. Bringi your awareness to your hips as if there were angels touching the back of your pelvis, helping you open your hips.

Noticing the energy that flows through your legs. Open the bottoms of your feet. Allowing yourself the pleasure of being in your body, of being the energy flows that move through your body. You can imagine a golden elixir of light that flows through you, this is your source energy flowing, you might notice in the area of your crown, or the back of your head and neck, this energy streaming to you.

Flowing like a golden elixir of honey, filling you, having a sense that you are being filled as your own Source.


Just breathing and feeling your weight here, allowing this golden elixir to calm and soothe your nervous system. Give yourself the freedom and the space to simply be.

And know that whatever choice that you need to make, it can wait for a moment while you center yourself, while you connect as the wise being that you are, and while you activate your own resources of consciousness, of knowing, of truth.

You can imagine that along with this light of your source, that if you have angels that work with you, they are coming to you now, to join you. Holding your hand, perhaps sitting in a circle with you and placing their hands on your heart. This enables you to relax, exhale. You might even hear a guide or an angel whispering in your ear,

Dear One, You cannot get it wrong.


Letting your system settle now. Allow yourself to settle, to awaken, as if you had sensing organelles on your skin or in your auric level field. Your system is able to perceive and drink in your tone of grace. As if there were a million flowers in a field, all emitting the fragrance of grace. That this grace is seeping in to your skin, mixing with your golden elixir, filling your system, your whole system is beginning to fill, your boundary is filling with grace.


Breathing, and once again, tuning in to the sense of gravity.

And when you are ready, asking, telepathically, What is mine? What is right for me? What is true in this moment?

Illuminating the path now from this centered place of embodied grace, as if you were rolling out the red carpet in front of you but that it is golden, illumined, clear.

How do these choices that I am considering, how do these potentials or these possible directions my life could take, how do they fit here?

Are they on this path?

Allow your own soul and greater consciousness now, your council, your guides to illumine this path even more, making it very clear, something that you can perceive. You might see it, have a sense of it with your knowing, or your feeling or your hearing. However it works for you.

Strengthening the illumination of this path that is the path of your soul and greater consciousness, a path of your purpose, a path of joy and of grace. Strengthening and clarifying, this path is becoming magnetic.

If you place your choices in the fields near this magnetic stream, what happens?

Is that choice drawn in to the path, does it click into place?

Is it repelled, does it float away?

Would it be that you need to force it to line up?

Or does it effortlessly fall into place?


What is my next step? How does this project, how does this choice fit? Where does it fall on this magnetic path that is mine, that is who I am and who I am becoming as a being of joy, as an embodied soul?

What is next for me?

Is this mine to choose?

If it is mine to choose, I open my heart, I embrace and I harmonize. I begin to digest and assimilate this choice into my being.

I ask for clarity about my next steps and I ask for resources to assist me. I embrace this with gratitude and with grace this choice.

And if this is not mine to choose, I acknowledge the parts of me that may desperately want for it to be mine to choose.

I allow these parts of me to be washed, encompassed with love and grace.

I ask for the courage to let it go, to let someone else have this opportunity perhaps. Knowing that it might be their path, and it might be their greatest joy.


Attuning now to the note of courage. As if now the flowers that have been emanating grace, now have a flower next to them emanating courage, that you can begin to smell and to receive and to feel that note of courage. 

I embrace and embody the courage to take action on my clarity. I know this is mine, this is my next step.

And I am going to take that step and all manner of resources will be there for me. I am not alone.

I am clear, I am making a conscious choice.

Or you might find that it is,

I embody the courage to release that which is no longer serving me.

I release that which is not mine to choose.

Even if I don’t know what’s next, even if I am not clear about that, I know that this is not mine.

And I allow myself to hear and to know and to feel and to take action on my clarity.


Feel the weight of yourself, supported. Breathing, exhaling, allowing yourself to be in your center.

You are safe here.

Connected as your soul, as source, surrounded by guides and angels that are here to support you.

Bringing your awareness to that place where your body touches the surface upon which you sit or lie. Feeling that support, and feeling the texture of this that touches your body. It might be a soft bed, or a sturdy chair that holds you.

Breathing and allowing your hips to soften and open, allowing that sense of connection and awareness as gravity, so stable and steady, holds you.

Once again, bringing your awareness to the golden elixir, your own source energy flowing into your body, flowing to the degree that is right for you. A trickle, gentle droplets, a stream, or a river.

Breathing, and feeling your body, beginning to have a sense of a clear and luminous boundary about you.

I am safe and I am whole.

I embody grace and courage.

I allow myself to know the truth of what is right for me.

I have everything inside of me that can navigate these choices.

I have the stillness, the knowing, the connection, the resources.

I have the ability to be centered, to be clear.

My first choice is to be centered, to connect as my wholeness.

I know my alignment, and I know my truth.

I trust in my own timing. I know that I do not need to rush.

I am grateful for the resources in my own system and around me, in these non-physical beings of angels and guides and also the human beings.

The human beings, those that I know, as well as, those that, like me, are on a path of growth and embodiment who are aligning with their truths, who are embodying their light and connecting with the earth in these ways, allowing themselves to know their truth, to navigate, to grow with joy, and to allow this note of grace, these tones of courage to serve as a compass.

And so I breathe, and rest, and integrate now. I am grateful. Thank you, self for the clarity, of the knowing of what is next for me and what is right for me. And thank you for the courage that I might take my next step.


Beginning to let all of this go.  Allowing yourself to breathe in the energies that are yours to digest at this time. Feeling the soothing flow of golden elixir through your system. Your body supported, your breath free, your clear, luminous, whole boundary. Knowing in your bones that you are supported.


Allowing yourself now to rest, to integrate as long as you like. Knowing that your clarity will continue to grow, the truth of who you are continues to emerge, and your choices will continue to be a creative act.

And so we wish you great joy as you navigate this creativity, as you create your life moment to moment. Resting now and continuing to digest and integrate. We send you our blessings.

And with that for now, we wish you so much joy and pleasure on your journey.

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Copyright 2013 Alaya