How to Deal with Demons and other Dark Forces

How to Deal with Demons and other Dark Forces – First Steps

(In other words, this is not meant to be an advance training on this topic! Rather, a primer or tip about mindset and basic approach to handling and thinking about this kind of energy).

So many of us are struggling, vulnerable, afraid, angry. Others are triumphant, elated. Being a citizen of the United States of America I can attest that the environment does not feel refined or harmonized! People in other countries may say, “Deal with it! Get over yourselves! It’s much worse in other places!”

That may be true but that doesn’t make it better, and doesn’t mean that we just roll over and accept it and do nothing, either.

Some people are responding with a stance of love no matter what. Other folks on both sides are responding with parroted rhetoric, angry finger pointing on facebook, in their communities, wherever they can.


That seems ridiculous that I even wrote “sides.” Aren’t we “One nation under God, indivisible, with justice and liberty for all?” Aren’t we “We the People”?

That said, we are facing change and we don’t know what that looks like yet. We fear the worst, some of us. We fear that liberties are at risk, our own and those of others we love.

We fear that the President we have just elected is possessed with darkness the likes of which we have not seen in our country at such a grand scale, from our leader, ever. The leader of the “free world.” Oh boy.

With the principle of freedom, justice, liberty for all potentially at risk, those of us who are old souls feel a stirring deep within our bones. Perhaps our memories of persecution that are under the surface of our conscious awareness have been triggered. Perhaps it is the cellular memory from our ancestors that is shaking loose and making it’s way to our awareness.

What is there to do?

The obvious things, like “Get up, Stand up. Stand up for your rights.” Get involved in a way that resonates for you. We are all saying and feeling the same things here.

I also wrote something on facebook about holding a higher vision, about the possibility that the mantle of the Presidency is actually stronger than the individual and that maybe, just maybe, the mantle is more powerful than the man?

Anything is possible.

But what if our fears are justified? What if this man in charge is run by forces that we suspect and that could wreck havoc in our lives, our communities and globally?

If that is what we are facing in the coming years, on the off chance (? is it an off chance?) I thought I’d share this. Personally, I have had a lot of experience with darkness, with demonic forces that possess and overtake free will. Scary stuff.

Maybe you’ve figured this out too or another strategy that works just as well. But in case you haven’t had this experience yet in this lifetime, or if you have and you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s my take on it.

Reclaiming my own authentic power, my body, my life force has been a life-long journey for me, and along the way I’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work in the face of such a dark force. Instinct, in my experience, often leads us in the wrong direction. It took me 48 years to override my own instincts in this department. I have had the best teachers (you know what I mean), and I’m still working on it.

First, what not to do.

It is not in my experience powerful to go over to the perpetrator’s side with your mind and emotions, pay attention to him, threaten him or her or try to push him out to “protect” yourself.

Try reasoning with someone like this and see where it gets you. Reasoning on a base of fear, pleading, is like catnip for a demon.

You can’t beg for mercy. You can try, but this just incites a demon or the person who the demon is running.

You can’t point out the suffering the demon is causing either. If you do, watch it smile! It already knows, that is it’s whole reason for being!

That stuff just feeds the dynamic. It is what the darkness loves. It feeds on fear. It feeds on your light. So don’t give your energy there. That is what it wants. It will use your power and your energy to feed its own purpose. It will get stronger. You will get weaker.


The thing is, when you are a rational, kind and loving being, these are the instinctual things to do. These are the things that might work with a rational being. Reasoning. Empathy. Creating resonance through story.

Unfortunately, a demon doesn’t care, and someone who is possessed by a demon doesn’t have empathy.

Make sense?

Or does this all sound too Sci-Fi-Fantasy-Harry-Potter-Meets-Voldemort for you? Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction and when we read these books we resonate with them for a reason. Just sayin’. You don’t have to agree or believe me.

I believe in fighting for what is right, for human rights. And I am not saying that all there is to do is to center yourself and fill up with your own light and power. My purpose is not about leading or teaching about fighting for human rights or activism on that level, you can figure that part out on your own, you can lead a movement or join a movement. Go for it. What I am able to support you with is the place from which you lead, the place from which you “fight”.

My understanding is that demons are in fact a part of the celestial team. Did you read my post on the Devil? Don’t be scared. Go read it.

They are here to help us grow. They find their way into our experience personally, and globally, through the cracks of our integrity, honor, humility, and more. They scan for our weakness, for the places we came to fortify on our soul’s journey. They are given divine assignments, just like the angels. They are here to make us stronger, in ways we want to be stronger.

Which leads me to, what do you do?

One of the best defenses when you are facing a demon, or someone being run by a demon, is to fill yourself with authentic power.

It’s not the only thing, but it’s a key.

  1. Fill Yourself with Your Own Soul’s Light and Authentic Power

In my experience this is what seems to be the only thing that does work when you are dealing with demons, sociopaths and other dark forces who threaten to invade your rights. You must fortify your strength.

To me this is the task at hand. Each of us is being called into our place, our role, and we must overcome the swirl of emotions and unrefined energy that is around us to root stably as our Self so that we can lead from our authentic power. We must do this.

You have to do this for yourself but we can stand together, each as sovereign. We can help hold a space for one another to find this inside of ourselves.

If you are actually under psychic attack, try this:

  1. Call in Archangel Michael and ask for his help
  2. Ask to be connected with/as your Soul and Greater Consciousness
  3. Pull all of your energy into your core and fill your boundaries fully from the inside out
  4. Take your attention off of the perpetrator fully.
  5. Keep bringing your soul’s light fully into your matter and filling your boundaries with that.
  6. Get and stay in your center.
  7. Resource yourself with others who can hold this for and with you until you can hold it for yourself.

I suspect that if we are going to face something BIG then we are going to have to do this together and create a strong gridwork together of this strength so that we all have a place to resource.

My vision:

If we can as individuals not get pulled out of our centers into emotional reactivity, which ultimately feeds the unhealthy dynamic, but rather create a stable sovereign stance and then join together creating a gridwork and a paradigm of sovereign community strength and authentic power that respects and honors each individual member, that is stronger because of the diversity of our energy signatures, we can make a fabric of reality that is powerful and resilient, like a bulletproof vest.

Our voices and our action will be most effective and powerful  if they come from this place of wholeness.


Centering Meditation

Centering Meditation

By Oshira through Alaya

Let’s take a moment and center and connect as souls, and start our day in this way together. Breathe and rest and feel your hips supported. You might already have a sense of your soul and your higher self, maybe even your guides. You might start to have a sense of the energy that we’re in together that’s bigger than us. So inside of that context, good, just letting yourself be in your body. Seeing if you can allow the diaphragm to relax and open and breathe freely. Good, you might imagine a golden sun above your head that is your energy, your Source streaming, trickling, showering down upon you.


Then allow yourself to ground however you like to ground. You can imagine that your root chakra is somehow in connection with the Earth’s root chakra. That everything that is not yours is releasing, and all the energy that is yours is returning to you. You could imagine a wide skirt or deep roots, rivers and streams of energy moving from your root or pelvis into the Earth beneath you, in dynamic exchange with the Earth.

Our home is here for a time, in these bodies. And as you’re allowing yourself to ground and release, open to receive the light of your own soul, even more. Breathing in the quality, the notes and the tones of safety, the qualities of trust. You might think about the tone of gravity –and we find this to be a very nice way to ground because you are focusing on the tone of gravity, you are focusing on the aspect of the Earth’s energy that is incredibly reliable, stable, and that even though there are a lot of changes happening in the Earth’s body, that if you’re grounding in a way that might even feel unstable, that adding in your awareness about the tone of gravity can be very stabilizing and helpful. And also can help amplify some of the tones within you that are true to your essence, that are your home frequencies.

Good, so just breathing, relaxing your shoulders and hips, having that sense of that golden sun above you. You can bring that sun down around your body if you want, like pulling it over your head and along your body like a cone of light, or you can leave it up there. Or something else that works for you.

Just bringing your awareness to your heart. Having a sense that it is safe to learn this material. That you will learn just a perfect amount and that you’ll have time to digest, you’ll have recordings to listen to again. And that you don’t need to push yourself, that you might be ready to fully open your heart and receive this information, and forgive everything about yourself and others that has ever caused you pain.

Or it might be more of a teasing, or untangling, or gentle unfolding, blossoming. Just let that be okay, whatever is right for you. That you are here to learn, that your heart and mind and body are open to the information and energies that are right for you, good, That which is safe and comfortable for your own system to receive and to digest.


Having a sense of your own personal boundary, and you can think about your skin as one level of your boundary, and also the auric level closer to your skin, but energy boundary, clear, balanced, luminous, whole.

And just having that sense that you have all your needs met inside of this abundant, rich place that is you, where you are stably, connected as a being on Earth and also very clearly accessing this infinite Source that is you.

You have a sense of your own energy signature and your own boundary. And from that place of wholeness, just lifting your awareness however you do, perhaps having an awareness at the level of your heart, that you begin to be aware of the others who are centering in this way.

And just recognizing that you can stay centered, and also be aware of these other beings, kindred spirits, souls on the journey just like you.

Feeling that joy, that curiosity, and that tone of respect, that tone of trust. Everyone here for their own purpose, their own learning, their own growth and healing, and recognizing one another also as leaders, as teachers. That as you are very centered and in your own energy and as these other beings are also holding themselves responsibly in this way, kindly in this way. Each having their own experience that is also true that together as a group of souls you are learning together. That you contribute to one another’s learning, simply in the field by the way that you digest the energy that you’re teaching one another about other people.

So simply being in the space with these other souls, you have an opportunity at the level of energy to expand your capacity for compassion, and to help educate and build consciousness around perspective and human frailty and human love. Just acknowledging that, acknowledging each being for their own perfection and beauty, and allow yourself to receive that respect, that acknowledgment for yourself as well.


Just breathing. Feeling that support of the surface where you sit or lie, really feeling your body being held. Thanking your body and thanking all the aspects of your personality who are showing up, who are curious, and just letting them know they are safe.


Very good.

Copyright Alaya 2016 Adapted from Forgiveness Online Course by Oshira through Alaya

Are you afraid of the Devil?

Why are we so afraid of the Devil? Why are we so afraid of the dark?

We are inculcated from a very young age to fear the dark, the devil, and to simply shut this out of our awareness, pray, run, hide from the devil.

I remember a song from bible school that I used to love. It had the best harmonies when you sang it in a round.

Lock the door, keep out the devil

Lock the door, keep the devil outside.

Lock the door, keep out the devil,

Light a candle everything is alright

Light a candle everything is alright.

Imagine a room full of angelic children’s voices with rosy apple cheeks and cherub glows in sweet harmony singing these lyrics.

It is no wonder we have so much compartmentalization and difficulty assimilating our experiences here on Earth. We are taught to lock the door on the devil, to keep it outside. We have created a culture of exclusion, of ignoring that which we don’t want to see or hear or experience within ourselves, within others. Even if it’s right in front of us we will selectively see or hear what we want to see or hear.

What exactly is the devil? What are we being asked to lock up, to ignore, to hide from?

What if the devil or the many shades of darkness, if demons are simply part of the Earthly experience?

What is the divine feminine response to these nuances and blatant expressions of the darkness made manifest through subtle abuses and real terror in the human drama?

Is there some force that discerns between dark and light that crushes the dark and only promotes the light here on Earth? Or is All allowed to express? Is it possible this is by divine design? Is it possible this is what the Earth chose to offer, and what you chose to experience?

What if “the devil” is just an aspect of Earth, that you chose to dance with? What if the fear you experience is simply a reinforced and manufactured response to reality here in the physical plane?

What if locking out the devil and lighting a candle is actually creating a build up on the outside of that door of darkness, of uncomfortable feelings and realities and aspects of yourself and others that eventually is going to crash into your experience, break down that door that you are spending so much energy to prop up? And when it does, will you feel victimized?

Horror is one of the most popular genres. Why? Because it is “pretend”? Because the rush of the chemicals stimulated as you are taken into the fictional drama? As adults are we like little kids walking around with fingers in our ears singing “la la la la la” to keep out anything we don’t want to hear or see? What is the impact of this inability or unwillingness to see the truth that has been trained out of us from a very young age?

Do we walk blindly right into the darkness that we were meant to see in the beginning, so that we may be shaken out of our waking dream or fantasy? So that the reality we refuse to embrace will come crashing into our experience in the form of crisis and drama?

We fall in love and are duped by someone we think we can trust. We engage in business deals only to be “screwed over” by someone we believed in. We experience or witness human rights violations, animal cruelty, war and an overwhelming volume of dark dramas playing out in our reality, in our own lives, in the lives of our friends, or on the news, the internet, the world stage, perhaps removed for many of us, but real to others who are experiencing the horror. 

We have legal drama shows and in real life, prisons, court rooms, legal battles playing out between people who met through circumstance or who at one time chose the pairing. Wars that keep popping up like weeds or perennials where we never ever seem to find and remove the root.

Where is Justice? What is Justice? How is our legal system a sword of Truth upholding Divine Law and to what degree is it simply enacting aspects of the egoic drama of dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong?

What if by simply seeing it for what it is initially, and embracing it, that you could experience Peace and create the wholeness you came to create within yourself and within this dimension?

Now I am not talking about embracing “devil worship” or “dark arts” or any other distortions of the Divine that skew in the direction of choosing dark over light. I am talking about integration and embracing the light and the dark. I am talking about  choosing not to separate or compartmentalize these aspects of the Divine, but to be brave and open our eyes and see what is really there, what is in your own life and in this dimension so that you and so that we as human beings can finally come to terms with the Truth and Reality of this dimension where we came to create and to build consciousness and to love.

What if our ability to be present, stable, to weather the storms we experience here trumped our fear? What if we were able to have our ears and eyes open and stand in our center, witnessing, taking guided action as necessary, experience the rapture of the light and the depth of the dark without fear?

What if somehow each of us could steadily, with love encompass the range of human experience?

What if those in the profession of law could uphold Divine Law by deeply resonating in their core the pure tone of Justice? And then take guided action to enforce law in the human dimension?

What if we could begin to question the role of the “devil” in this dimension with an open mind. Maybe this energy that we have been taught to fear and run from is actually here to help us find unshakable Strength, Justice and Divine Love?

What if the Devil and the full host of demons are actually part of the Celestial team? What if they are here to wake us up so that we might embody all aspects of our Light, and flush out any areas of unconscious, lack of integrity, injustice, or other areas where we are not yet filled in, that we came to Earth to face our trials and learn, to become whole.

How would you walk the Earth if you knew without a doubt that the Devil ~ instead of fighting with ~ was walking alongside your Angels, serving your Purpose and your goal of embodiment?

Copyright Alaya 2016

Transitioning Souls – A True Story

As is my practice, when I’m drawn I sit, light a candle, call in my guides and ask if there are souls who need my help to transition. This practice stems from a long history of dead people jumping into my body and having all kinds of experiences—accidents, weird sensations, hearing songs. I became aware of this when I was in my early-mid 20’s and needed someone else to help me clear these beings from my body. I had a long gap where I did not have this experience and it began happening again in the last year or so, and I’ve embraced that this is part of my purpose. Helping them transition is easy for me now. And so instead of being at their mercy, waiting for them to grab my attention, I have a deal with them that when I can I’ll sit and offer my help.

Yesterday I was drawn to sit. I called in my guides, set the space and asked if there were any souls who needed my help to transition. I was taken to a group of souls who were killed in a massacre. They were stuck in the place were this occurred, and mostly were not aware they needed help. I am not sure if one of their guides got my attention, or if it was one of them who was a leader among them who had the awareness to call me. It feels a bit like both, that with this leader, he was able to ask his God for help, and the guides —his and mine— created the connection for us.

With the guides I opened a highway of light, a portal for them to transition. It was beautiful. There were many souls, stuck from the trauma. I heard wailing and was aware of many emotions and thoughts of grief, despair, disappointment, hatred and anger, etc.

With all the guides and angels that came to help, we began inviting them to awaken. We called in their angels and guides and councils, their loved ones who had passed who could come be at the border to welcome them.

We invited them to connect with all of the nature spirits, the love in the place that was there the entire time. We connected with the burned trees and trampled flora, and the living trees, plants and flowers.

There were some living souls also, and for some of the dead, they did not want to leave them. I saw in particular a little boy who had hidden and escaped the terror. He lived and has a journey ahead of him that includes living with this knowledge and trauma in his young body and system, although this is part of his souls journey. His mother didn’t want to leave him but we helped her let go.

As we helped them lift out of the emotions and thoughts that were stuck in a level of human reality that involves duality, they rose above into Love and Truth. One by one and sometimes in pairs or groups, they were able to find themselves, find their loved ones or be carried by their angels and guides through the portal into the light. Some stayed for quite a long time, very confused and stuck. They weren’t ready to let go of their fears, their anger, their need for revenge, their hate. For some, they clung to their love of this land, their body, their loved ones who had also died, or had escaped the torture and still lived. They were stuck in the pure devastation at the loss of life’s opportunity. We held space, letting them know they could take their time. There is no rush.

Some of them needed to see and understand their role in the greater service of healing Humanity and the Earth. We looked at their souls purpose and helped them see that this was part of their purpose. To have this experience, and to choose to transmute this pattern in human consciousness and in the body of the Earth, with their passing, into Love. For many of them, once we connected at this level and worked with the body of the Earth, then they were able to go in peace, knowing their contribution and the aspect of their purpose fulfilled.

For some of them they needed to complete the karma and understand the cycle that they had repeated or participated in. They had the opportunity to see the true aspects of God and to embrace this for themselves as well as for their enemies. To see past judgement, to see past hating another because of beliefs about owning land or religion. They could see how they had either hated or attacked others, how they had felt righteous about their beliefs. In this space the guides held, in this big vortex of light, they were able to rise above the conflict, drop their veils, untangle their confusion and become clear. From here they could release and transition.

They were transitioning to a new level, one they would not have been able to find without this assistance. Having transitioned inside of the emotions and thoughts without having made the shift to Love, they would have reincarnated in this gridwork of revenge and the pattern would replay again and again.

We showed them how for many of them, they had been on the other side of this dynamic in the past. They had been the ones to maim, torture and kill the others. We revealed the level beyond this cycle, the level where there is oneness, peace, truth and soul love. They were able to see the illusions, the drama being replayed because of these thought forms and emotions embedded in them and in the Earth’s body here.

The Earth in this place had a gridwork of this pattern in its tissues, and we began to unravel this together, the souls who died, the guides, the nature spirits, the soul of the Earth. We unraveled how it was enmeshed in their own systems, how it would have manifested again in their tissues if they had reincarnated before teasing this out and shifting into the light at the new level they were finding.

In the Earth’s body in this place, as we cleared the patterns, working with the ley line masters and also all the nature spirits around, we replaced this fear energy with love. As the souls cleared it from their systems, each transmuting into love, the Earth was able to release more easily. It was an orchestration of many beings. There was a gash, a wound here from where all of this energy was released. We brought it healing energy for these Earth tissues. It looked like a hole in the Earth that was filled in with a new gridwork of light in its place. Very raw, like a gash in a human body, raw and vulnerable but with the capacity and wisdom to heal.

We completed this process, every soul transitioned, the Earth healing. We thanked all involved, and I thanked all involved for the opportunity to use my gifts and skills, to be received and to contribute. I closed the session.

I do not know exactly where this was or when it took place, but it felt like Syria and it felt recent.

Get un-stuck. Create in connection with your Self and your guide.

Access Your Creative Genius: A Meditation
by Oshira through Alaya

We are so pleased to join you today to play with you, on helping you to unlock your creative potential and access your creative genius.

You may be pulling your hair out, or feeling stuck or having constant interruptions, and that it is difficult to accomplish something that you have before you, a creative project.  Perhaps you have a deadline, or perhaps you have an internal sense of urgency around creating, and that you would like for the energy of your creative genius to move through you fluidly, when you have time to create.

And so we see this as possible for you, that you can learn to dial your energy alignment in such a way so that you can create maximum connection and flow, to allow this source energy to move through you, into the world, through your human instrument, good.  

And so taking a moment to center yourself, to capture the moment of your current body’s position.  Perhaps imagining the task before you, or the project that you are working on, is sitting, laid out on the table in front of you in piles, or objects, or pictures spread out before you.

How big is this spread?  Is it a little pile in front of you, or does it extend for miles in every direction around you?

Just noticing how this project feels to you.  Good.

And so we think sometimes, this, the largeness of the vision can stop you, or overwhelm you, and so this is one piece we would like to assist you with, in organizing the pieces, in allowing yourself to slow down and be in the moment, and to align and connect with your self in a way that can optimize creative access and expression.

We would like for you to feel the air on your skin, feel your body in the chair. Perhaps you are lying down, feeling yourself supported, the textures that press against your skin and body, any sounds that are in the room.  Notice how you are feeling, calm, agitated, tired, excited, sad, happy, just noticing where you are in this moment in time.

And now there is a guide that is approaching to join you in your creative work.  This guide is going to help you align and tune your energy systems in such a way so that you can be uncluttered and clear.  

Good, so just imagining this guide approach, however you do, imagine perhaps that it is coming towards you, or approaching from behind you.  And this guide enjoys you very much and knows you very well, and is so happy to come and work with you.

And so imagining if you will, that there might be a pulse, or a line of light from this guide’s heart to your heart and that this pulse of light that is activated and setting up a resonance between your heart and the heart of the guide’s is also sending a ripple or a wave out through your hands. That the energy of your heart is connecting through your hands into your project, good, very good.

And imagining that this connected place is now connecting with your throat, and your throat is connecting with the throat of the guide, good.  And so that this pathway is opening.  And your heart and your throat are connected, and now your head, the center of your head, good, perhaps your third eye, your imagination, connecting with that of the guide’s and noticing any sensations or colors.

And taking a moment here, and once again imagining, envisioning your project, as images or piles spread out before you, placing them, a few inches or just a little bit in front of your third eye, and streaming this supportive energy of the guide into and through this vision, illuminating, clarifying it, clearing out the cob webs.

You have your own light and flow, you have your own source, and we acknowledge the connection here of you and your source.  And we are allowing and facilitating the light and flow and clarity of your guide to assist you here, to blend with you, to help amplify your own gifts, to help clear this channel of energy that is yours.  This is your project, and in some ways it is a collaborative project between you and your guide, good.

So just letting that energy be focused here in your third eye, just in front of your third eye here.  Good, good, and then bringing your awareness now to the top of your head, the top of the head of the guide, just imagining this, however you do.

Your guide may not look like a human shape. That is OK, just imagining a connection and a flow here, good, very good.  And imagining an area above your head, good. Connecting with an area above the guide’s head, your eighth chakra.


And from that place dropping down through the top of the head and the sixth chakra and the fifth chakra and the throat and into the heart, and a wave going out through the hands, and now down into your solar plexus and the solar plexus of the guide,  as if the guide had an analogous structure where you could imagine that there is a light emanating, a stream, or ribbons from the heart of the guide that is flowing into your human system helping to clear and harmonize and balance your system.

And allowing this to descend now into your second chakra imagining perhaps, lower in your abdomen, front and back.  And then this light descending and opening and clearing of your first chakra, perhaps imagining a brilliant ruby red ball of light.  Good, and imagining that rich red energy flowing through your legs and connecting you to the earth, good, very good.

And so we would like for you now to once again imagine your project and we would like for you to invite a symbol that represents your project, it can be all these piles and pictures and images or it could just be one image.  And allowing that now, that image to come up through your feet, or to come into your body in some way.

Notice where it is coming into your system.  Perhaps it is coming into your solar plexus to be digested and transmuted through your body or it’s coming through your heart or your head.  Perhaps it is coming from all directions and you are eating it, digesting it, with the little mouths of your chakras, eating the energy, eating the images, eating the concepts and the ideas and allowing them to enter into your system, to be synthesized, to be organized, to be digested and assimilated, good.

Imagine this movement through your system like the blood moves through your veins.  Perhaps it is like little lights or colors moving through your system into creating and digesting.  Good.  And your guide now is stepping closer, increasing the blending here between you as if your spine is unzipping and the guide is stepping closer to you, and you are grounded and centered and safe here, and your guide is coming to stimulate you, to amplify your creative impulses, to amplify the quality of focus, and flow, and alignment, and joy, and pleasure, and your heart is beating and opening.

And so from this place of aliveness and connection, we invite you to open to the field, the receptive field of your audience, those who will receive your work.  Just noticing them perhaps you might notice as if there are many lights about the outside of your field or perhaps it is as if you are on a stage and there are many, many beings in the audience looking your way.

And so imagining that there is a resonance or a pulse or a line of light between your heart and this field, so that you are connecting with them individually and as a group, as this field, you do not need to take on their energy but that you are harmonizing, that you are beginning to pulse and flow your creative project into this field, and you are receiving inspiration from this group and you are beginning to feel the pull of their desire for this work and this contribution that will bring them joy, that will inspire them, good, and so this connection is setting up between you, a flow so that more source energy can flow through you because there is a receptive field to receive you.

And so the energy flows and moves, good.

Holding this stable container, configuration, opening your awareness yet again to connect with and become aware of other people, other players, collaborators who may want to get involved, who may want to support your vision, who may want to back you and be a part of the generative flow that is connecting and moving through you to reach these people, perhaps they are providing structure and containment.

Perhaps they are offering foundational support or finances.  Perhaps they are dropping in their own creative ideas to support you and stimulate you.  They have the resources to bridge your creative project with the audience, just noticing who’s coming. There are beings gathering about who like to participate in the radiance of this creation who are being nourished and fed by this energy, good, and as they are connecting, their guides are showing up, they are connecting with their source energy.

Their source energy is flowing through them to connect with you and your source energy as it moves through you and so there is an amplification, good and more energy can flow through you and you are stimulated and you are inspired, and you are focused and calm and grounded and clear, and in your pleasure, good.

And so allowing yourself to be in the center of this equation, that you are the creative force, the hub, that you are drawing to you the people and the resources that will assist you and the people who will enjoy and receive and benefit from your creation, good. And noticing that as this is being received there is a wave coming back to you, that there is feedback in the form of joy and appreciation and money, recognition.

And so feeling this coming back and opening your heart, opening your hands, opening your mind and your body to receive the pure energy exchange. You’re not opening to receive all of the flavors and frequencies of their energy. You are opening to receive the pure stream of appreciation, the pure stream that is the result of your impact, a pure energy exchange and feeling the joy in this and feeling the pleasure in this, the appreciation of those who have received and what they wish to give back in gratitude to you, good.

And so feeling this completing cycle, this open system, this fresh, alive and vibrant exchange of living creative dynamic exchange, and this source energy is moving through you and through your project and it has a life of its own and many beings are called to participate, and to contribute and to join in.

With that pulsing and vibrancy, find your way back to this moment, to your body, to the freshness, to the inspiration and joy in this moment and the next peace that wishes to move through you into form, settling in now and your guide is here with you and you can allow all these other beings to fade in your awareness, knowing that they are here a part of the project, helping you call forth this energy through you, finding yourself sitting upon the chair or upon the surface upon which you lie.  Feeling the weight of you, noticing the sensations and the thoughts and the images that are yours to play with.

And with this momentum and this feeling of being centered and grounded.  Touching once again through your core, through your system, your breath, good.

Thank all of the beings who are participating, thank your guide for standing by and assisting you.  

When you are ready, beginning to work and enjoying it so much.

Good, very good. And with that we wish you joyful creating.