Full Moon Flow Community (FMF)

Join our community.

Each month on the full moon we gather on the Inner Planes to cultivate soul connection with ourselves and each other.

Together we study group work and co-creation with Nature.

We come from our own strength as well as from our need to connect, to heal, to grow and to learn, to contribute, to be known and seen.

We formulate a personal intention each month, perhaps born out of the questions  you can scroll down and see below about personal development or group work and leadership.

We come together to work as a group in service to Nature, Earth and the One Work of Light.

We share our insights and together chart new territory.

We develop and share our gifts. We are leaders and world servers. We have fun!

Working with Alaya and Oshira has been life changing.  The communities and gridworks that they are building in collaboration with the souls who are attracted to them are so filled with love and the Divine Essence of each person individually and the group collectively. 

I have found that their teachings have greatly increased my capacity to be present and exude a vibration of love and light.  My connections to my soul, Higher Self, Divine Self, and guides have increased exponentially, and it is much easier for me to hear their guidance and words of love.

 I also have a much more profound awareness of Mother Earth and her beings.  We are all a part of this beautiful ecosystem, and I have a better sense and understanding of how humanity’s actions and feelings affect Mother Earth and all of those beings she supports.  

Alaya and Oshira teach and guide in a way that is loving and supportive.  They are very respectful and mindful of each person’s pace of growth and allow for expansion and integration as appropriate.

 I look forward to continuing to work with Alaya and Oshira in order to gain a better understanding of my Purpose in this lifetime and how I can be of service to the community that I am here to serve.

- Alyssa Johnson

2014 dates

What will you focus on?


  • Am I ready to embody more of my light?
  • Am I ready for my world service?
  • Who am I and who am I here to serve?
  • What are my gifts?
  • What is my next step?
  • At what level is my next step? -body, emotions, mind, auric, soul, beyond? Something else? More than one of these?
  • What must I release, forgive, take action on, surrender to, receive in order to move forward?
  • Is it mine to rest and integrate this month?
  • Is it mine to move into deeper partnership with my guides?
  • Is there anything my body is telling me that needs attention, where I can flow more light, heal, and bring more of my soul’s light and consciousness in to my matter?


  • How can I leverage the group vortex to amplify my tone of leadership and connect with those I’m here to serve?
  • How can I leverage the group vortex to build gridworks for my world service?
  • What aspects of group work are important for me to learn this month and how is it related to my purpose?
  • What can I contribute to the group in terms of my own frequencies, innate gifts, skills?
  • How can I be of service to this group as a whole and to the other members, who are also leaders, who are also learning who they are as well as contributing to my ability to access a clearer, higher light and authentic power?

1119201294616-pic1Meet Quanza
Beloved Quanza – isn’t she lovely?

As part of our commitment to Nature, our community has fostered Quanza. Quanza was orphaned by poaching and is now safely, lovingly being cared for in Kenya by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Several of our members have fostered other elephants through this organization, and each elephant fostered is added to the group, as a member of Team Animals!


mountain gorilla awf.org

Recently, the members of Team Air identified an organization they wished to support, The African Wildlife Foundation. As a community we have become a member also of this organization and include them in our group work each month, contributing ongoing financial as well as energy support. We are particularly drawn to the mountain gorillas.

On the full moon of each month, we connect with Quanza and her friends, the mountain gorillas, and many other beings of nature.

We learn and receive from Nature, and generate energy together for these beings to use however they need.


mountain gorillaAs part of their development as world servers, advanced members of our community serve as leaders with Nature. These members serve a vital role in our group world service as they develop their skills as leaders with light.

By gathering once per month to receive and generate light, you not only help your body to adjust to all of the light coming into the planet now, but help the body of the Earth, the mass consciousness of humanity, and all of the nature kingdom.

It’s time now to form groups, collaborate, grow and co-create with consciousness and with joy. 

We would love to have your light and contribution in our community. Come play!

Click here to listen to a message from Oshira about the flows.

(you may cancel your membership at any time, it’s easy to do and if you’d only like to experience one flow, that is perfectly fine. We’d love to have you).

Flows are at 7 PM PST unless otherwise announced. Many members take the flow in their own timing, as we are operating in the soul planes and beyond which is outside of time and space. Our members live all over the world and in different time zones.

I have been working with Alaya and Oshira for over a year now, and my life has changed dramatically. I have become more aligned with what I was put on Earth to do, and I live more harmoniously with nature, in the flow of life. What I have learned working with Alaya and Oshira’s is clarity, wisdom, and just an over all feeling of well-being. I find these two to be incredibly authentic, generous and heart-centered. I am forever grateful for working with Alaya and Oshira and look forward to what the future holds. I’ll be their student for life!—Mary Ricards, Animal Communicator. maryricards.com

“Hi Alaya, As you know I had this big day of teaching yesterday and my intention manifested so much better than I even imagined, The value I have received far exceeds my monetary investment and it’s  only the beginning of my 3rd day this month!! It’s like taking a college class in intuitive guidance! I am so grateful that I followed by intuition to join your group!!     Jeanne Peters RD Nutrition Director, Nourishing Wellness Medical Center www.nourishingwellness.com


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For your monthly fee of only $55, you will receive special member pricing on private sessions (SAVE $60!), a Full Moon Flow each month plus resources, connections and support from Alaya and other powerful light workers via our online community (priceless).

In addition and behind the scenes, Oshira and Alaya support community members with energy work throughout the month.

You will be nurtured in an evolutionary vortex of light, and this will impact your ability to live as your Highest Self, your Divine Self moment-to-moment, in your regular routines and life regardless of your profession, regardless of what your schedule is like or how much time you devote to meditation and growth-related pursuits.



SPOTLIGHT: “linking my upper and lower bodies more strongly, my left and right hemispheres, my brain with my body”

Ford Dallaire West, notes from the April Full Moon Flow The transmission was great. I felt pulled right into it in a very present and attentive way, I could feel it moving a lot in my brain and my legs, almost like linking my upper and lower bodies more strongly, my left and right hemispheres, my brain with my body. I felt my pituitary open up, like some cobwebs came right off it and I felt happy and relaxed and full of hope, trust, and faith, knowing that everything I need to do my work is coming to me, and I am loved, and that my work will be FUN and full of light (this feels great). Lots of love to you and to the whole group for creating and sharing this amazing, divine healing and connecting space! Ford is a Film Producer, Director and Screenwriter based in New York. You can find her at www.arclineindustries.com

SPOTLIGHT: “We all merged as one”

Kathy Gallucci, notes from the July Full Moon Flow Hi there Alaya, As I connected with the transmission last night I “saw” the space from a different angle than I normally do. I usually get a sense of the space in front of me, but this space was on top of me – at a different angle of sight. As my higher self got into the space it quickly shifted to being in a pod like shape (sphere of light) and joined with the others in the flow, who were also pods or spheres of light. We all were in a circle with a larger light connecting us all into a container shaped like some Christmas ornaments with a point at the top and bottom and a circular space in the middle. After this point I (we?) shifted into particles of light that filled space between atoms and any smaller cellular structures in the plane we were working in. Then there were no longer atoms or cellular structures. The higher planes we were working in were beyond space, time and structure as we know it. We became a silver liquid type of form and we all merged as one. There were no separate beings. I then heard that “All are one”. I became aware of a moment when I was home from college. As I was sleeping the covers seemed to blow off me and I heard “All will be revealed in time”. I got a sense that the “All” referred to in that moment so many years ago and what occurred in this flow are connected, if not the same. It was a cool experience and I’m excited to see what unfolds from here. Thank you!! Love, Kathy Kathy is a very gifted healer, energy worker AND business woman who keeps bees! Kathy is a colleague of mine and is quite the renaissance woman. She lives in Wakefield, MA.

SPOTLIGHT: “I saw pink, bronze and gold patterns like jeweled arabesques, that felt like ancient royalty…very powerful in a female energy sense”

Ronnie Rubin, notes from the September Full Moon Flow The transmission began as a huge cloud of light at the center of Source, and then I saw pink and bronze and gold patterns like jeweled arabesques, that felt like ancient royalty, Indian perhaps, very beautiful, very feminine, very powerful in a female energy sense, confident, graceful, beautiful. After that, I must have fallen asleep or gone deeper, because I don’t remember anything else until the phone alarm woke me. I was so happily sleepy after the flow, and slept for a while in the chair in my bedroom. It feels as though there was an emotional and physical release. My light at the beginning of the flow was so bright and cosmic in size, a confirmation of the expansion I have been experiencing. The feminine energy was so strong and confident and regal and gentle all at once. Thanks for the lovely experience. Ronnie is a Producer of media and live events. She lives in Venice, California.

SPOTLIGHT: “I went into a deep meditation. I heard your voice speak to me.”

Denise Wiesner, notes from the October Full Moon Flow During the transmission, I saw a lot of red lights like fire. I went into a very deep meditation yet didn’t fall asleep and I heard your voice speak to me. You told me that my class would fill up and that I was on the right track with my book idea. All and All, the message was to keep on with what I was doing, and that everything was good NOW. I really enjoyed my experience, thank you. It was powerful. Denise is an acupuncturist specializing in fertility and women’s health. She is co-founder of Natural Healing Acupuncture in Los Angeles. You can find her online at www.naturalhealingacupuncture.com

SPOTLIGHT: “enveloped by a wave of healing energy”

Jennifer Sarti Moss, notes from the March Full Moon Flow The transmissions are always so different. I was having that wonderful rising feeling and could feel the intake of so much energy. I could also feel the spread of the energy to my family. The business has been a big focus of mine. We have been thinking about taking some time off the business while the market is in such change. However, on that day we made more money than we ever made. So we are flourishing!!! During the transmission, I felt enveloped by a wave of healing energy. It was like being in the most comfortable womb. My body just turned into jelly and I just received all the healing energy. It was wonderful. Jennifer is a psychologist and light body practitioner living in Marin County, California.

SPOTLIGHT: “I know I was getting the energy flow”

Joy Holland, notes from the June Full Moon Flow Hi Nan, Last night I downloaded the transmission at bedtime. My physical sensations were the strongest I have ever experienced—–the tingling and feeling of energy and vibrations I always feel in my hands and arms were in my feet and legs as well. I opened my self, my heart, head, feet and belly to receive. I tried to relax and let go. I know I was getting the energy flow. I do feel ready for a shift. You are wonderful, thanks for the flow. Love, Mom Joy is my mom! She is retired and lives in Houston, Texas.