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Rain of paradox

Exploring Your Soul Group

Why did you and your soul group come to Earth? When did you and your soul group come to Earth, originally? What is the essence and Purpose of your soul group? Which qualities that you assumed were just your friend’s personality are actually an aspect of her soul group? Do you know any members of
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Conscious Community

Creating Conscious Community

What’s up in human evolution? Conscious community and group work. It’s now. It’s next. Our souls long to be in community, yet our personalities aren’t always on board. For some, community comes naturally. Others struggle with groups and prefer to be on our own.  If you can’t recognize this difficulty in your own life you
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Live Your Life Purpose

What does it mean to live your life purpose? Everyone is talking about life purpose,  and many of us have a sense of urgency around our life purpose and creating a life with right livelihood. In this journey, Oshira helps you liberate and release the things, the jobs, the roles, the energies that are not
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Meet Your Guide

This meditation is an opportunity for you to meet your guide, or strengthen the relationship you already have with a high guide of light. Oshira helps you understand the opportunity to meet your guide in equal partnership. “..[there is] something that is important about having a relationship with your guide, a guide of this type,
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